J and me spanking each other, 6/10/2021

 J has been visiting me about twenty years. He had a special reason to get spanked today, after having gotten a speeding ticket. And I needed my butt warmed "just because." We made several videos, some of them abnormally short, but some longer sequences as well.

Inspired by recent discussion on Spankingtube.com, we each took a turn over the pickup tailgate getting strapped. Unfortunately I deleted the videos in error. I even bought a file recovery program to no avail. But there is one still picture of our butts on the tailgate.  We ended with some hard Jokari swats.

First, J is found otk:

Then my Jokari swats

Some more, bare Jokari swats. Then J rubbed on the capsaicin. My butt is still burning. 😜

This one is really short, just J lying on bench waiting to get spanked.

Now J gets his Jokari swats.

And one good still, both of us over the tailgate:


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