Kelly, 5/10/2021 (C/D)

 Today I met a guy from Fetlife, stated he he never had an adult spanking. Always intriguing, and flattered to be the first, but I have had several "misfires," with the spankee leaving after one or two light swats. He wanted a school paddling while dressed in skirt, panty hose, and heels. Last part is really irrelevant to me, neither a fetish nor a turn-off. The initial paddling was light swats, not knowing how he would react. But after a soaping and a short corner stint, Dad went to town with his hand, then a small paddle.  I thought we might be done, but I offered and he gladly took some more with the strap, then the frat paddle.  Says he will be back. I do hope so. His butt looked pretty sore at the end, but he left happy. A couple of stills of his butt at the end:

Needy, 5/9/2021

 "Needy" is a guy from out of state who passes through on occasion.  It's been a couple of years since I saw him last. But he does lot getting spanked. Video includes a few paddles, a couple of straps, the Canadian school strap, and ends with a caning. A few stills of the finished butt follow.  I think he got what he needed.  :)

Wylde, 5/7/2021

It was a busy day.  J in the morning, Wylde in the afternoon. And seems I missed a last-minute meeting from Needy. But maybe that will happen Sunday.... Anyway, Wylde as always takes a hard spanking. I had to call a halt as usual because she was on the verge of bleeding.  Here are a few stills and videos. Last video, she takes my birthday spanking, lots of licks there.... And a few stills of the finished butt.  :)

J and me, 5/7/2021

 It's been two weeks since I saw J. He was eager for some maintenance spanking. Here is the warm up.       And here I get my butt warmed... Here is J on all fours on the massage table. Here is my third birthday spanking, second one from J.  Yeah, I just can't get enough.  :) And J takes a final twenty hard licks. And we're done for a few days.    

OzarkDad, J, and me 4/23/2021

 Today J and I took a road trip to see OzarkDad. My birthday is coming up in a week, so I got two (very long) birthday spankings.  A lot of years involved. Everyone spanked everyone at least once.  Maybe twice. Here is a slew of videos and a few stills (stills first).  Last still with all three of us is at the end, camera on ten second delay. OzarkDad Accidental shot of the pillory. My butt after two birthday spankings. (two shots) Accidental shot of J waiting for a spanking. J left, me center, OzarkDad right First video is me getting a warm up from OzarkDad.  Hear little brother J giggling in the background. Next video is J spanked by OzarkDad Third video is J spanking OzarkDad over the bench Fourth video is my birthday spanking from OzarkDad. Fifth video is me spanking J. Watch how he gets tickled with the brush bristles, giggles non stop. Sixth video is me spanking OzarkDad otk  Seventh video is OzarkDad spanking J Eighth video is J giving me the second birthday spanking. Hear the t

Fun with J, 4/21/2021

 J, my long-term spanking bud, came today for some "maintenance" We both got a red butt, expecting to meet again on Friday, both of us with another friend.  Here is a video of his butt getting whacked, mine getting the same, and a few stills.   Mine is the wide butt.  (videos first)           .

Wylde, 4/19/2021

 First a PSA. If you are subscribed to this site by Feedburner, they will soon stop e-mail announcement of new blogs. If you like to be notified, please subscribe to, where I post all new blog links. After a hiatus of a few months, Wylde and I met today at her place. No role play, just some hard spanking, last one is a severe caning. She always wants more, and I call "enough" at the first sight of blood.  Enjoy.