OzarkDad, J, and me 4/23/2021

 Today J and I took a road trip to see OzarkDad. My birthday is coming up in a week, so I got two (very long) birthday spankings.  A lot of years involved. Everyone spanked everyone at least once.  Maybe twice. Here is a slew of videos and a few stills (stills first).  Last still with all three of us is at the end, camera on ten second delay.


Accidental shot of the pillory.
My butt after two birthday spankings. (two shots)

Accidental shot of J waiting for a spanking.
J left, me center, OzarkDad right

First video is me getting a warm up from OzarkDad.  Hear little brother J giggling in the background.

Next video is J spanked by OzarkDad

Third video is J spanking OzarkDad over the bench

Fourth video is my birthday spanking from OzarkDad.

Fifth video is me spanking J. Watch how he gets tickled with the brush bristles, giggles non stop.

Sixth video is me spanking OzarkDad otk 

Seventh video is OzarkDad spanking J

Eighth video is J giving me the second birthday spanking. Hear the taunts from OzarkDad in the background.

Ninth video is me strapping OzarkDad.

Tenth video is me spanking J over the bench

Eleventh video is me getting the frat paddle from OzarkDad

Twelfth and final video is blurry, and me getting a final spanking from OzarkDad.


  1. so much fun wish I could do this with all you guys some time Dave in Indiana !!


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