Dads need spankings too, 1/10/2021

 No eye candy on this video, just three old guys having round robin spanking fun.  The guys are Billy (me), Eric, and Paul.


The pictures--Eric and Paul

Eric and Paul in super-vivid camera setting

Me getting spanked by Eric
Me posing after spanking #2

Paul posing after his spanking #2
Paul getting spanked by Eric

My butt after four spankings and capsaicin. Think I needed more?

Paul's butt when he was done.

Paul in super-vivid camera mode

And the videos:

Lazy farm hand Paul gets spanked by Eric

Then the boss catches Eric giving the spanking, that he's not authorized to do.  So I attend to Eric's butt:

Now it's my turn to get spanked. Some misbehavior in gym class lands me in the principal's office (Paul is the principal)

And of course a trip to the principal's office is followed by a call to Dad Eric, so my butt gets further attention.

End of the role play. Now Eric and I stand on alternate sides of Paul, spanking his butt....

Next I get a strapping from Paul...

Now Eric gets a strapping from Paul

Now I get strapped by Paul with my own authentic  J. B. Dick XH  tawse.

And the final video, Eric giving Paul a hand spanking.  Kind of an anticlimax, don't you think?


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