Spanking Spiderman, 1/14/2022

 On Wednesday I was summoned to join a threesome at J's place. He is dressed as Spiderman. No particular role play, but definitely some hard spanking.  Everybody spanked. Everybody got spanked.

First I warm up J aka Spiderman.

Then OzarkDude takes over J's punishment.

Then after a short break, OzarkDude jackknifes J into the wheelbarrow position. Watch the close-ups of his ordeal. And the giggles as the bath brush tickles his junk.

Next I spank OzarkDude.

And I spank OzarkDude again...

Next J spanks my old fat butt.

Finally, Spiderman gets his revenge on OzarkDude and me.

And the three red butts at the end....

p.s. -- And about four hours later J texted that his hubby was about to warm his butt again. I think I need some of that.  :)


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