OzarkDude and me, 11/24/2021

 We met at my schoolroom in Morrow today. It was OzarkDude's turn to be spanked first. His scene is that he masturbated on night in a room with his young teenage sons. He thought they were sleeping. Apparently not.

Here are a couple of stills of his spanked butt.

And the videos:  

First he gets a few solid swats with the frat paddle, then sent to the corner to sit in a chair with the dreaded prickly pad.

Now he is on all fours on the massage table getting the anal hook inserted, followed by a paddling with the hair brush and strap.

 Finally he is bent over the desk again, bare this time,getting the prison strap and cane, followed by some capsaicin cream.

Now it's y turn to get spanked.  Comeuppance for an even that actually happened when I was 15.  I set off a smoke bomb in history class when the teacher briefly left the room. We start with fifty hard frat paddle swats over jeans, given by the principal Corporal Payne.

Then Dad is called and arrives  for a bare ass paddling, followed by a caning on the back AND front of legs. The last while seated on the prickly pad.

Then I am subjected to a bare ass strapping over the tailgate of my pickup.

And the finale is a bare paddling with the frat paddle, with some high-potency capsaicin applied at the end. And my butt is still burning four hours later....

We hugged and parted for a while.

Oh, almost forgot, here are the stills of my butt at various stages.



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