Len, ticklist J, and me, 9/12/2021

 Playing with J and his husband today. I spank J in a couple of videos, Len spanks both of us, sometimes just me in some other videos. Len doesn't get spanked.  One stillk which is a capture from a video and a few videos. Great time today!

J and I getting the paddle.

First video is J over my knee. Listen to him giggle as I stroke the back of his scrotum and his hole with the brush bristles.  :)

Next video is e getting a school-type paddling over my tight jean shorts.


Then J is in the wheelbarrow position.  Takes a pretty good spanking, and listen to his giggles with the brush bristles.

Now J and I get spanked side by side.  Unfortunately J flakes out a little early.

Then Len spanks me by myself.

In the final video I give J ten solid swats with the paddle.

And that's all until next time....


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