Wellwhooped, 6/20/2019

A young man from Oklahoma had some issues he needed to be punished for.  He had two speeding tickets, and had an argument with his boss, calling her a bitch.  He had three sets of spankings, plus a mouth soaping.  Per his request, sound is muted on the videos.  He did take his punishment well.  Always a pleasure to oblige him.  Five stills and two videos here.

Alex, 5/23/2019

Alex is an oriental guy, here for his second visit.  It had been three years since he was here last, in the winter he said.

He has a great pain tolerance, always pleasant.  We started bent over the principal's desk, then went to the chicken house for a trip over the hay bales, then back onto the spanking bench for a final strapping and caning.  Here are three videos and a few stills.

And the videos:

(first series in the barn)

(in the barn)

(back inside over the spanking bench)

Remembering Gary

Just yesterday, I started thinking about a long-term friend that I had not heard from recently.  Sadly, this is what I found when Googling his name:
"Gary Robert Shinsky, 59, passed away Friday, April 5, 2019, at his home in Springfield, Missouri. Gary was born Sunday, November 8, 1959, in New London, Ohio, to Lloyd A. and Judith K. (Rosenberger) Shinsky. Gary graduated from Central High School in Springfield. He enjoyed playing golf and studying history.

He is preceded in death by his wife, Dolores (Marcheleta) Shinsky, and his father, Lloyd Shinsky. Gary is survived by his mother, Judith Shinsky of Springfield; a brother, Jeff (Kim) Shinsky of Highlandville; two sisters, Melissa (Freddie) Griggs of Springfield and Rochelle (Tom) Davis of Nixa; nieces and nephews, Jessica Waddell, Joshua Shinsky, Michael Griggs, Caleb Davis, and Ryan Davis.

He will be fondly remembered and greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.

No formal services are planned at this …

Needy, 5/9/2019

Second-time visitor, he lives over 200 miles away, but travels near here at times.  This trip he says he is meeting a lady at his destination, so no marks, please.  I think he got a good warming without marks.  The next couple of days will tell the story.  And he may stop on his way back home, then marks not a concern.  I hope so.  First video is a little askew to check camera angle.  They are all a little dark, working on that....

Enjoy!  (The one still is a capture from second video.)

Wylde, 5/3/2019

It's been a month or more, finally managed to meet with Wylde.  As always, she takes it hard, takes some work to get a response.  She said her butt stays numb until a day or two later, then hurts.  So hoping she aches a little over the weekend, lol.

NeedsDaddysBelt, 5/2/2019

It's been months since NeedsDaddysBelt visited.  She has found a new Daddy in Texas, but needs some "maintenance" between visits there.  First dark picture is "before."  The others are alternately the camera's "vivid" mode and regular auto exposure.  Also six short videos, various instruments, various breaks, etc.  Enjoy.  

Charlie, 4/18/2019

Charlie has been an occasional visitor for a few years.  He wrote yesterday that he was ready to get his butt warmed again.  And so it was.  Here are a few pictures.  :)