Wylde, 2/7/2020

Yesterday we met at Wylde's house.  The first video addresses her use of foul language.  Maybe got her attention.  But I did notice some four letter words in the later videos....

Six stills follow, and four videos.

Video #1, bath brush without warm up for punishment.

Video #2 bent over chair

Video #3

Video #4 with weighted strap from London Tanners.

Keveen, 1/9/2020

Two days, two spankees.   Probably last post this week though.

Keveen is a young man attending a nearby college, has some fetishes, but most important, likes me spanking his butt.  He loves to pose for the camera,, so lots of stills and some videos here.

A couple of the pictures are blurry, but here they are anyway.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Wylde, 1/8/2020

It had been almost a month.  Wylde visited today, and as always took a very severe spanking.  She thoughtfully bought me three toys, which I  enjoyed using.  :)

Video #1

Video #2 (just a second or two--I think I hit "record" twice)

Video #3, the last for now

Wylde's birthday, 12/13/2019

For the first time, schedules worked out so we could meet on her actual birthday.  We got some good video, but lost some too, due to a fading camera battery.  Maybe her butt will be purple tomorrow?

There are five still and five videos, but a couple of the videos got truncated by a rogue battery.

Wylde was also recording with her tablet.  Some of this duplicates the below videos, some is footage lost due to my battery.  Bad battery!

12/14 revision--A couple of next day pictures can be found at and

Video 1:

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5 (frat paddle)

Wylde, 11/20/2019

Wylde was back today for a good session.  No broken skin this time, but a well bruised butt.

Today I forgot my camera.  Pictures are blowups of thumbnails on Fetlife, and I will provide the links, so you can view the originals if you like.  (The blowups are a bit blurry.)  She is uploading some videos at Spankingtube (her nick is BlazeComet.)  When they are published, I will include links to these.

Well, some videos are apparently MIA.  Wylde says we can have a do-over.  That will happen in December likely, maybe even next year.  The one video can be found at

Charlie, 11/21/2019

Charlie visited today, and it's been a while since he was spanked.  He's certainly now a pain pig, but does have an appealing target that I was able to redden.  Four videos and a few stills follow.

He put on a "fashion show," beginning in orange prison scrubs, then on to cutoffs, finally in leather chaps.

Apologies for the darkness of the first two videos.

Otk video in scrubs:

Second video, in stocks, with short cutoffs:

Third video, over spanking bench in cutoffs:

Last video, in leather chaps over spanking bench:

Wylde, 10/30/2019

It's Halloween eve, and Wylde, after a series of necessary delays, is ready for a spanking.

There are three short videos, showing the paddle, strap, and bath brush used on her butt.  Unfortunately I neglected to video the caning.  But there are a couple of still pictures the show the results.  She is looking quite sort at the end.  I think she got enough.

On a side note, the panties are good for a chuckle or two.  :)

Video #1, mostly paddle

Video #2, mostly prison strap

Third video, mostly bath brush

The next day she sent me a butt pic.  I think purple becomes her.  :))