Meeting YesSirDad, 9/16/2020

First actual meeting I've had from  I travelled to his place, had a great time, both taking and giving.  Several videos here, still captures may follow soon as "edits."  [Done later the same day, scroll down for stills.]
First videos are my butt getting warmed.  :)  He did a great job portraying the Dad who's had it up to here with his teenage son.  Feeling the results now...

Last two videos are YesSirDad getting his due.

And the captures:    (first four me, rest are YesSirDad)

Reuniting with Wylde, 9/4/2020

It's been a while since meeting up with Wylde.  She does love getting her butt spanked HARD.  Here are a few stills and a couple of videos.

The next one is a camera trick, "super vivid mode," that enhances the red....  Actual color is the same as the previous picture.

Now adding two stills she texted me two days after (9/6/2020)   Purple becomes her.  :)

And the videos:

Two super short ones, probably don't show anything....

And the finish, thirty plus hard whacks...

J visits at last, 8/24/2020

J has been coming to be for spankings for over 20 years.  A few years ago he started spanking me too.  After a hiatus on meeting, he came today.  See the two red butts in four stills.  And my old fat butt getting paddled in two videos.This is J's butt.  I can't take credit for the dark bruises down low.  He has another spanker at home...

And here is my old fat butt:

  And two videos, almost identical.  We thought the camera screwed up on the first one, and did a second series.  Turns out it was my screw up.  So I got ten paddle licks twice.  :)  Feels great now.  

And the second video:

Billy, 8/12/2020

Billy is a first time visitor to the barn/school.  He loves getting spanked.  See two videos and several stills.  :)

Wylde, 4/24/2020

Next week is my birthday.  Wylde happily (well, at least willingly) took my birthday swats.  Here are four stills and five videos, of various lengths and severity.  Some with  the "ultra-vivid"  camera setting, some without.  Enjoy.

video #1

video #2

video #3

video #4

video #5

4/26 update:  She texted a couple of day after pictures last night:

Wylde, 2/28/2020

Today I visited Wylde at her home for some much needed spanking.  Here are eight stills and four short videos of the results.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Wylde, 2/7/2020

Yesterday we met at Wylde's house.  The first video addresses her use of foul language.  Maybe got her attention.  But I did notice some four letter words in the later videos....

Six stills follow, and four videos.

Video #1, bath brush without warm up for punishment.

Video #2 bent over chair

Video #3

Video #4 with weighted strap from London Tanners.