BW on 1/3/2019

OK, here are my first spanking videos of the year.  He's a beginner to spanking, wanted to check out the anal hook.  Then there is a happy ending in the last video.  Also, two stills of his red butt.  Enjoy.

First video, without hook

Second video, hook in place, spanked with riding crop

No spanking in this one.  Watch him jack off, after all the spanking and hook action.  :)

Wylde year-end (2018) spanking

Wylde visited today, took a very hard spanking as always.  She recently had a birthday, so of course there is a birthday spanking.  And punishment for not taking her prescribed medication.  Several pictures and three videos follow.

The first two videos turned out dark (sorry for that), but visible.

Video 1 (birthday spanking)

Video 2 (the spanking continues)

Video 3 (longest, most severe)

Meeting SteveOkla

Met a new friend on Adam4Adam, my first actual visitor to materialize from that site.  He asked for a light spanking, and had an interest in the anal hook.  We combined both with the St. Andrew's cross.

Sorry, no videos this time, just some pictures of his pink butt.

He said he might take it harder next time.  We shall see.

Keveen, 12/5/2018

It's been several months since Keveen visited, July, IIRC.  A text came this morning, and he wanted to meet today.  No problem.

He's moved, and started attending college.  But his report card shows he needs some motivation (you know what kind...) and some punishment for his mediocre grades this semester.  Eight pictures and two videos show today's action.

The videos   😈

Wylde, 11/30/2018

Almost a month's hiatus, Wylde was back today for some brisk punishment.  The caning actually went a little further than I expected, drawing blood.  She encouraged me to continue, but enough is enough and I stopped.  Two stills and four videos follow today's action. 

Still pictures were taken after we were done.

Video #1, the bath brush paddle

Video #2, the strap

Video #3, ten swats with the frat paddle

Last, the caning

John, 11/15/2018

John said he hasn't been spanked for six years.  Said he wanted a hand spanking, and if still "needy," we might try a strap he brought.  Turns out he takes a pretty good dose of the strap (a thick off-billet).  Then a little paddling with the Minion paddle.  Didn't get it all on camera, but the still pictures show the final result.  Hope he comes back.

First video was just to check out camera angle.

Then an otk hand spanking....

Then some strapping...

\\Last video is a short paddling with the Minion paddle.  :)

Wylde returns, 10/5/2018

It's been a busy week.  Wylde was back after an absence of about a month.  She was slightly out of practice, but still tolerates an incredibly hard spanking.  Several pictures and two videos tell the story.

and the videos----  (Sorry they came out so dark.  I need to work on lighting.)