Wylde, 4/24/2020

Next week is my birthday.  Wylde happily (well, at least willingly) took my birthday swats.  Here are four stills and five videos, of various lengths and severity.  Some with  the "ultra-vivid"  camera setting, some without.  Enjoy.

video #1

video #2

video #3

video #4

video #5

4/26 update:  She texted a couple of day after pictures last night:

Wylde, 2/28/2020

Today I visited Wylde at her home for some much needed spanking.  Here are eight stills and four short videos of the results.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Wylde, 2/7/2020

Yesterday we met at Wylde's house.  The first video addresses her use of foul language.  Maybe got her attention.  But I did notice some four letter words in the later videos....

Six stills follow, and four videos.

Video #1, bath brush without warm up for punishment.

Video #2 bent over chair

Video #3

Video #4 with weighted strap from London Tanners.

Keveen, 1/9/2020

Two days, two spankees.   Probably last post this week though.

Keveen is a young man attending a nearby college, has some fetishes, but most important, likes me spanking his butt.  He loves to pose for the camera,, so lots of stills and some videos here.

A couple of the pictures are blurry, but here they are anyway.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Wylde, 1/8/2020

It had been almost a month.  Wylde visited today, and as always took a very severe spanking.  She thoughtfully bought me three toys, which I  enjoyed using.  :)

Video #1

Video #2 (just a second or two--I think I hit "record" twice)

Video #3, the last for now

Wylde's birthday, 12/13/2019

For the first time, schedules worked out so we could meet on her actual birthday.  We got some good video, but lost some too, due to a fading camera battery.  Maybe her butt will be purple tomorrow?

There are five still and five videos, but a couple of the videos got truncated by a rogue battery.

Wylde was also recording with her tablet.  Some of this duplicates the below videos, some is footage lost due to my battery.  Bad battery!

12/14 revision--A couple of next day pictures can be found at and

Video 1:

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5 (frat paddle)

Wylde, 11/20/2019

Wylde was back today for a good session.  No broken skin this time, but a well bruised butt.

Today I forgot my camera.  Pictures are blowups of thumbnails on Fetlife, and I will provide the links, so you can view the originals if you like.  (The blowups are a bit blurry.)  She is uploading some videos at Spankingtube (her nick is BlazeComet.)  When they are published, I will include links to these.

Well, some videos are apparently MIA.  Wylde says we can have a do-over.  That will happen in December likely, maybe even next year.  The one video can be found at